Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Cycle...

So I just got back from the doctor.  Had my baseline ultrasound - cyst gone.  YAY!!!  Can start my meds tonight.  

I told myself I would do a better job of keeping track how the cycle goes this time - more entries and more info.  For posterity - to share with my children someday, ya know?  No, actually so that I can go back and read the details of the cycle if it doesn't work and we have to do it yet again.  Check my dates and stuff.

So I started my period on Sunday.  Monday was a holiday.  Called the doctor early this morning and they said they were very full, no appointments today, they would  have to figure out how to fit me in and would call me back.  Apparently lots of us started our periods over the holiday weekend.  Luckily I'm on vacation all week, so I can come in whenever and don't need to worry about leaving school or finding a sub.

They called me back around 9:30 and asked if I could come right in - Dr. T was available right them.  Yeah, um, I live 30-40 minutes away.  So then we had much talking back and forth between the receptionist, the nurse and me.  Can you come in at 1pm?  Yes.  How about 3pm?  Yes.  Actually, come in right now.  Can you leave RIGHT NOW?!?  Yes.  I'll leave right now.  I really felt like running around and  yelling "Go! Go! Go!  Lets get this cycle starteeeeeeeed!!!!!!"

Because we had been lounging around all morning waiting to here from the doctor, I did actually have to run around and change out of my PJ's, get my leftover meds, a book, my coat....Husband was in the bathroom not wanting to be rushed if you know what I mean, but said he wanted to drive me because it was so rainy (it has pissed rain nonstop for two days).  Now, I feel that I can drive myself in the rain. Its not a blizzard and its not like I'm 9 months pregnant or sick or anything, but he likes to go to all the appointments he can and he likes to take good care of me through all this.  Plus I got to put on some makeup while he drove so I didn't look quite as scary as I would have.

I got to see Dr. T - I like her a lot.  Got the ol' wand up the crotch. Funny how I used to really dislike it and now its like, pants off, feet in stirrups, go for it doc - no biggie.  At my last ultrasound, the receptionist said "Oh we're sorry, you have to see Dr. G, no female doctors are available today" like I would care or something.  I was like, great, let's do it.  I think he is the only doctor here who HASN'T seen my stuff so just get me in and out and on with my day.

Anyways, Dr. T said the cyst was gone, the ovaries look good and we are ready to start injections tonight.  Luckily, I still had meds left from last time - don't have to shell out more money until Friday.  They'll take a look at how my eggs are doing on Friday and we go from there.

So off we go.  I shall have some lunch, read my book and probably take a nap, go out to dinner with my dad and some of his friends, see "Wicked" and come home and inject myself with some gonal F.  Sounds like a good Tuesday, eh?

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