Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chimps aren't pets

I try hard not to judge.  But I'm watching the lady whose chimp attacked  her friend and tried to rip her face off and I'm thinking "Lady, chimps aren't pets.  And don't give your chimp Xanax."  Doesn't this seem like common sense?  I feel bad for the lady, but I mean, come on.

So back to me.  I did my first injection last night.  Got home from the show, washed my hands, got out my meds and just went for it.    I didn't feel nervous at all.  It did hurt and there was big spot of blood and I still had the weird feeling in my stomach after I did it.  But all in all, it was pretty easy.  If I am a diabetic in the future, or a heroin addict, I'll be just fine.

Since I didn't have any ice cream (my post injection treat), I had a TJ's peanut butter cup.  This morning I woke up with BAD tummy.  And I thought for sure that I had salmonella.  Since I feel fine now, I'm assuming it wasn't salmonella (or it was a really mild, lasts for only an hour case).  But I'm still throwing away the rest of the peanut butter cups.  

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