Monday, February 23, 2009

3 Eggs ready to go!

I went in for yet another ultrasound today and saw 3 mature eggs. Last time it was only one!   I saw my regular NP instead of a doctor - she said that Dr. G is in trouble for keeping me at 225 of gonal F instead of lowering me to 150 after 3 days.  She said she is not overly concerned about the number of eggs but she asked if I was ok with triplets?!  She said the odds are very small, especially considering my age and history, but she had to let me know that it is a small risk.  I said I feel like the odds of just ONE taking are small, so let's do this and cross other bridges when we get to them.  

Of course when I told my husband this, he almost passed out.  He is generally more optimistic than me so he must think there is actually of chance of that happening.  I do not believe that there is.

Well, 3 eggs explains why I feel about 8 weeks pregnant.  VERY BLOATED.  Barely fit in even my "fatter" pants.  I wonder how good it feels to ovulate 3 big eggs?  I am not complaining of course - I just hope one of these suckers meets up with one of husband's suckers!

On the job front - two people today commented on how hard it must be to do all this while being a teacher - yeah, its fekking sucks.  Finding last minute subs, lesson plans, the guilt of missing classes that really don't lend themselves well to a sub, etc.  Yeah.  Frankly, its killing me.  I cannot do this much longer.  Not the best time to be out of work or looking for a career change, but the biological clock is literally ticking and having a baby is my top priority.

So anyways....give myself the trigger tonight and we go in for IUI #2 on Wednesday.  That's my friend Stacy's birthday and she said that would be a great day to make a baby!  I'm crossing my fingers....

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