Monday, April 6, 2009

Show and Tell - Spring is here!

*Okay, so I am a little technologically challenged and have very little patience.  Which is why my pictures are here at the top of my post instead of at the bottom where I wanted them.  I spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to move them and decided they are fine right where they are.*

This jasmine is in the front yard, right outside the door.  It has exploded with blooms and smells FABULOUS.  The minute I get out of the car, I smell it.  Every time I walk outside, I stop for a minute and just SMELL it.  I can even smell it when I am sitting in the back yard.

This Japanese Maple was a gift from our close friends after we lost the baby.  I LOVE Japanese Maples and they are most beautiful this time of year.   Its grown quite a bit in the last two years - at some point, its going to outgrow that pot and I don't know what to do then.  I can't stick it in the ground here, because I don't think I could ever leave that tree and I don't plan to live in this house for long (although thanks to the housing crash, I may have to).  I just feel like that tree has to be with me forever, you know?  Its what I have of my baby. 

(Remember, this is supposed to be BEFORE the photos)

So I've read the Show and Tell's for several weeks - never posted anything, but really enjoy reading other people's posts.  I decided that this week, I would post something.

I have been in a major funk for weeks, if not months.  Two year anniversary of losing the baby, a job that is incredibly STRESSFUL and that I hate on most days, two failed IUI's, husband working nights and weekends so we rarely see each other, getting tired of rain and fog and winter.....blah, blah blah.....the list goes on and on.

But last Sunday, I felt really good.  The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping - I felt really happy and GOOD. I just walked around with this stupid grin on my face feeling A-O-KAY.  And you know how when you have been feeling bad and then you come out of it and you start to feel good, only then do you fully realize how bad you were feeling before? (I apologize for the boring adjectives and horrendous grammar). Don't get me wrong, I didn't float around all week like some insanely happy Disney character - I'm not that guy.  But I felt noticably different - better.  

Spring is here, the sun is back and I am so glad.

*OKay, so I hope I did this right.  Here is the link to the Show and Tell list.  


  1. Spring always seems to make things seem less "heavy" Fresh air and sunshine helps. Glad you participated this week. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Beautiful flower pics....I can almost smell them from here.

    I have been exactly where you are in terms of going from feeling generally poopy to snapping of it. It's a relief but utterly amazing when you look back and realize just how unhappy you really were.

    It is also amazing how the smallest and most simple things (the flowers, sunshine, etc.) help to redirect you.

    So glad you decided to join in S & T this week...can't wait to see more!

  3. You did it right...and did a wonderful job at the Show and Tell.

    I love Jasmine...its sweet fragrance perfumes the air so well!

    How thoughtful of your friends! Love the plants!

    Take Care and All the Best!

    Hope to see you around more...

  4. I looooooove jasmine.

    You could always replant the tree in an even bigger pot. That should buy you at least another year or two.

    Thanks for sharing!