Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I hope the 3rd time's a charm

I started my period yesterday afternoon, so I went in to see my doctor today to get started on this new cycle.  I was finally feeling a little better today, after feeling downright shitty for the previous 2 days (I have missed THREE days of school and successfully avoided feeling guilty - only because I felt so sick - although I dread going back tomorrow - any teacher knows what its like to go back to school after three days of least next week is spring break).

So here is the plan for this cycle:  

I start Synarel tonight.  This is a nasal spray that my husband says the doctor said is to "antagonize" my ovaries.  Now, I admit I am not feeling well and even when I feel fine I can never remember everything she tells me.  But I'm pretty sure she is not giving me any medication to "antagonize" my ovaries. Considering my ovaries are a big part of the problem, I don't think we should do any thing to piss them off.

I looked Synarel up on the internet when we got home and apparently it is used to suppress ovarian function.  My doctor did say that last time she thought I possibly went too fast - my eggs matured very quickly and we may have had timing issues with the IUI or my lining may not have been ready. So I guess this is to suppress ovarian function/ovulation until the trigger? Whatever.  All I know is....that after needles, nasal spray is next on my list of things I hate.  I suppose next month they will need  me to use some sort of fertility eye drops or fertility toothpaste and then all the things I fears or dislike will be wrapped up in this delightful process.  I'll do it, but I will also bitch about it.

I'm not on Gonal f this time.  She switched me to a combo of Bravelle and Menapur.  3 amps of Bravelle and 1 amp of Menapur starting tomorrow night for 4 nights.  I also got my very own Sharp's container for all my used needles.

And in addition to the prenatal vitamins that I've been taking for THREE years now and the high doses of folic acid I've been on since the anencephaly, I got a new vitamin today - Folgard, which is a combination of folic acid, B6 and B12.  Apparently I have an abnormality or mutation in my MTHFR gene which could be part of the anencephaly/miscarriage problem.  And apparently taking high doses of these B vitamins may help.  There seems to be some disagreement out there about the MTHFR gene and its effects on pregnancy, but everyone seems to agree that taking more B vitamins won't hurt, so I add a new vitamin to my regimen

I walked out of the pharmacy with a shopping bag full of drugs and needles and other paraphernalia.  I really felt like the other people in line were staring at me - they must have thought I was VERY ill.  But at least it was cheaper than last time.  These hormones are cheaper and my doctor is wonderful (I won't explain exactly what that means even though I'm sure my insurance company's spies aren't reading this or anything - let's just say, I love my doctor and since she found out I am only covered 50% and getting laid off at the end of the year, she has been trying to keep costs down for us).

Okay, so I need to go lay down.  I have been upright for over an hour and it seems to have tired me out.

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  1. Maybe we'll be cycling together this time. My Gonal-F begins on April 24th - yay. Not optimistic again this time, but we keep forging ahead, right?