Sunday, March 1, 2009


There is nothing profound for me to write today.  But in my quest to keep better track of the ins and outs of this cycle....

IUI #2 was Wednesday.  Stayed home Thursday.  School on Friday was okay - came home and slept for two hours - very tired.  Yesterday and today, feeling tired and crampy.  Could be because there is a tiny embryo making its way down, getting ready to implant or could be because I'm sticking prometrium up myself twice a day.  The bottle says "may cause dizziness" (which it does) and "may cause headaches" (which thankfully it has not).   Boobs are very sore.  But that is pretty normal for me post-ovulation and since I (hopefully) ovulated 3 eggs, I would expect heightened symptoms.

Boy its long wait until March 11.

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