Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grouchy and getting 2 zits...

So I've been pretty grouchy the last two days and last night I noticed that I'm getting 2 zits.  Uh oh.  These are the classic PMS signs.

Now, I'm not freaking out and I've been through this too many times to overanalyze every little symptom (I used to do that) and frankly, I'm too goddamned busy to even think about it much.

But when I got home from rehearsal last night, grabbed my two cuties (I'm SO glad its mandarin orange season), sat on the couch to watch American Idol on tivo, and had a moment to kind of occurred to me that I was having PMS symptoms.

I am definitely in a "one day at a time" mode - that helps me get through trying to have a baby and survive my job.  And I've been pretty good the last few days (what an accomplishment - feeling not bad for three days in a row).  But with March 7 rapidly approaching and a possible/probable impending period, I can feel another bad spell around the corner.

Well, we'll see.  Que sera, sera....

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