Sunday, January 4, 2009

Freshly shaved and ready to go!

So I am ready for our first IUI tomorrow.  I just took a really hot shower and put on the new PJ's my mom got me for Christmas (flannel and fleece - my favorite....much to the chagrin of my husband).  Of course the XS doesn't fit as well as it would have before I became Bloated Betty, but that's okay.  I was way too skinny anyway.  I've been working hard over vacation to pack on the LB's - lots of ice cream and laying around.  Of course all that ends when I go back to school - at least the laying around part.  

Back to the shower....I used this new conditioner I bought (I really like it) and shaved the baby making area. Why did I feel the need to shave the vag for an IUI?  Not sure.  I figure, I wanna look my best for the team that is trying to get me pregnant tomorrow.  I would do the same if it was just my husband and I.

I still don't feel very well today.  These hormones are just not agreeing with me.  And the place where I injected the hcg really hurts today.  Not sure how I will do this while teaching all day and going to rehearsal all night so I really hope this works.

But I feel better emotionally.  More positive.  As I watch a repeat of the season finale of "Rock of Love Charm School," I think, at least I am not one of those girls (they really have come a long way though).

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  1. Our stories are awfully similiar and that fact that we will find out we are pregnant (again) on the same day is definitely bizarre.

    I hope you find this community of bloggers as amazing as I have. Welcome and may we both be smiling soon!