Friday, May 8, 2009

So far so good

The doctor's appointment went well.  My usual doctor is on vacation so I saw Dr. G - I really like him.  He is super mellow and has a light German accent.  My husband was like - that guy is great.  I felt so calm listening to him.

He saw one gestational sac and the yolk sac inside.  He said it implanted in the perfect spot.  He said my abdominal pain is probably digestion related and maybe from some stretching already.  Also, I have a two and a half inch cyst on my ovary (which he said not to worry about), so I guess its already crowded in there.  He told me to completely stop drinking coffee (I was still having half a cup in the morning because its helps gets things moving if you know what I mean) and take a laxative if I need to.  Actually the way he worded it was more like, only stop drinking coffee if you want to stay pregnant.  He also said I may want to reconsider taking Qvar for my asthma - to ask my general physician if there is class B medication I can take.  

He said things are looking really good at this point.  YAY!  Our next appointment is next Friday with my usual gal.

I think I smiled my first real smile today about being pregnant.  It was nice.